sjPlot package

All my R-scripts I published here (and even some more) are now available as bundled R-package! Please refer to the package page for downloads and more…

14 Gedanken zu “R-Scripts

  1. Awesome scripts! Thanks for sharing that! How about submitting a package to cran?

    • I already tried to build a package, but I failed. When I have the time I will try to get deeper into package building and give it a new try…

  2. […] can download the script sjPlotInteractions.R from my script page. The function sjp.lmint requires at least one parameter: a fitted linear model object, including […]

  3. […] some struggling, I now managed to setup RStudio, Roxygen and MikTex properly so I can compile my collection of R-scripts into a package that even succeeds the package […]

  4. Congratulations for your excellent scripts..Very impressive very useful.Thanks.

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