William S. Burroughs

God grant I never die in a fucking hospital ! Let me die in some ‚louche‘ bistro, a knife in my liver, my skull split with a beer-bottle, a pistol bullet through the spine. My head in spit and blood and beer, or half in the urinal so the last thing I know is the sharp ammonia odor of piss – I recall in Peru a drunk passed out in the urinal. He lay there on the floor his hair soaked with piss. The urinal leaked like all South American pissoirs, and there was half an inch of piss on the floor – Or let me die in an Indian hut, on a sandbank, in jail or alone in a furnished room, on the ground some place or in an alley, on guts splattered over torn pieces of metal… Anyplace, but not in a hospital, not in bed… This is really a prayer.


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