sjPlotting functions now as package available #rstats

This weekend I had some time to deal with package building in R. After some struggling, I now managed to setup RStudio, Roxygen and MikTex properly so I can compile my collection of R-scripts into a package that even succeeds the package check.

Downloads (package and manual) as well as package description are available at the package information page!

Since the packages successfully passed the package check and a manual could also be created, I’ll probably submit my package to the CRAN. Currently, I’m only able to compile the source and the Windows binaries of the package, because at home I use RStudio on my Mac with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It seems that there’s an issue with the GNU Tar on Mavericks, which is needed to compile the OS X binaries… I’m not sure whether it’s enough to just submit the source the the CRAN.

Anyway, please check out my package and let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have suggestions on improving the documentation etc.

Open questions

  • How do I write an „ü“ in the R-documentation (needed for my family name in author information)? The documentation is inside the R-files, the RD-files are created using Roxygen.
  • How do I include datasets inside an R-package? I would like to include an SPSS-dataset (.sav-File), so I can make the examples of my sji.XYZ functions running… (currently they’re outcommented so the package will compile and pass its check properly)
  • How to include a change log inside R-packages?

5 Kommentare zu „sjPlotting functions now as package available #rstats

  1. For question 1): I’m having the same problem with my name. Most time (taxize and rspear) I just used oe for ö. However you could try to set \encoding{UTF-8} in your .Rd files (should be the @encoding tag in roxygen.

    Q2) They go into the ~/data folder for .Rdata files, the rest could go into ~/inst/external (call it with system.file()). (see Documentation could could in a separate .R file without code, but only roxygen docs. Use the @docType data and @keywords data tags. (see here for an example).

    Q3) Either put those a ~NEWS file or a ~inst/ChangeLog file.

    Hope this helps,

    1. Thanks a lot, I could solve (almost) each of those issues. As far as I can see, a native SPSS-file (.sav) cannot be included in a package. So I just included the .RData-file, but that’s ok for my examples.

      1. You can include anything you want, just perhaps not in the ./data folder. Put that file in the ./inst folder (perhaps in it’s own pkgdata folder to keep it from anything else you might include in ./inst). You can then use the sysytem.file() function to locate it as a path to the installed file which can be used in the example.

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