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Stammeskulturen hatten Vertrauen in die Magie, antike Hochkulturen in die Götter und die Moderne in die Technik. Die nächste Gesellschaft hat nur noch Vertrauen in das Design. Aber was heißt „nur“? Das Design ermöglicht beides, eine Beobachtung im Umgang mit der Welt und eine Beobachtung der Beobachter…

sjmisc – package for working with (labelled) data #rstats

The sjmisc-package My last posting was about reading and writing data between R and other statistical packages like SPSS, Stata or SAS. After that, I decided to bundle all functions that are not directly related to plotting or printing tables, into a new package called sjmisc. Basically, this package covers three domains of functionality: reading […]

Beautiful tables for linear model summaries #rstats

Beautiful HTML tables of linear models In this blog post I’d like to show some (old and) new features of the sjt.lm function from my sjPlot-package. These functions are currently only implemented in the development snapshot on GitHub. A package update is planned to be submitted soon to CRAN. There are two new major features […]

sjPlot package and related online manuals updated #rstats # ggplot

My sjPlot package for data visualization has just been updated on CRAN. I’ve added some features to existing function, which I want to introduce here. Plotting linear models So far, plotting model assumptions of linear models or plotting slopes for each estimate of linear models were spread over several functions. Now, these plot types have […]

Patient centredness in integrated care (from systems theoretical perspective) #Luhmann #Systemstheory

My paper Patient centredness in integrated care: results of a qualitative study based on a systems theoretical framework has just been published in the International Journal of Integrated Care. It’s an open acces journal, so there’s no paywall to read it. Let me provide you the abstract: Introduction: Health care providers seek to improve patient-centred […]