Tagged NA values and labelled data #rstats

sjmisc-package: Working with labelled data A major update of my sjmisc-package was just released an CRAN. A major change (see changelog for all changes )is the support of the latest release from the haven-package, a package to import and export SPSS, SAS or Stata files. The sjmisc-package mainly addresses three domains: reading and writing data […]

sjmisc – package for working with (labelled) data #rstats

The sjmisc-package My last posting was about reading and writing data between R and other statistical packages like SPSS, Stata or SAS. After that, I decided to bundle all functions that are not directly related to plotting or printing tables, into a new package called sjmisc. Basically, this package covers three domains of functionality: reading […]

Simplify frequency plots with ggplot in R #rstats

Update March 5th All downloads are now accessible from my script page! Summary This posting shows how to plot frequency plots using the ggplot-package in R. Compared to SPSS standard outputs, you will learn how to create appealing diagrams ready for use in your papers. Frequency plots in SPSS In SPSS, you can create frequencies […]

Migrating from SPSS to R #rstats

Preface I will every now and then post my experience with R, a package for statistical analyses. I try to show some solutions for common types of analyses or problems you are facing when you start working with R. These „tutorials“ especially address people who are used to work with SPSS or maybe also Strata. […]