Quick #sjPlot status update… #rstats #rstanarm #ggplot2

I’m working on the next update of my sjPlot-package, which will get a generic plot_model() method, which plots any kind of regression model, with different plot types being supported (forest plots for estimates, marginal effects and predictions, including displaying interaction terms, …).

The package also supports rstan resp. rstanarm models. Since these are typically presented in a slightly different way (e.g., „outer“ and „inner“ probability of credible intervals), I implemented a special handling for these models, for which I wanted to show a quick preview here:


m <- stan_glm(
  mpg ~ cyl + disp + drat + wt + gear + am,
  data = mtcars

plot_model(m) + theme_sjplot()

The thin error bars represent the High Density Intervals (HDI) specified in the ci.lvl argument, the thick bar is the 50%-HDI, and the white point is the posterior median.

This is still work in progress, the latest version is on GitHub