My set of packages for (daily) data analysis #rstats

I started writing my first package as collection of various functions that I needed for (almost) daily work. Meanwhile, packages were growing and bit by bit I sourced out functions to put them into new packages. Although this means more work for CRAN members when they have more packages to manage on their network, from […]

Direct integration of sjPlot-tables in knitr-rmarkdown-documents #rstats

A new update of my sjPlot-package was just released on CRAN. Thanks to @c_schwemmer, it’s now possible to easily integrate the HTML-ouput of all table-functions into knitr-rmarkdown-documents. Simpel Tables In the past, to integrate table-output in knitr, you needed to set the argument no.output = TRUE and use the return-value $knitr: If you also wanted […]

Exploring the European Social Survey (ESS) – pipe-friendly workflow with sjmisc, part 2 #rstats #tidyverse

This is another post of my series about how my packages integrate into a pipe-friendly workflow. The post focusses on my sjmisc-package, which was just updated on CRAN, and highlights some of the new features. Examples are based on data from the European Social Survey, which are freely available. Please note: The statistical analyses at […]

Tagged NA values and labelled data #rstats

sjmisc-package: Working with labelled data A major update of my sjmisc-package was just released an CRAN. A major change (see changelog for all changes )is the support of the latest release from the haven-package, a package to import and export SPSS, SAS or Stata files. The sjmisc-package mainly addresses three domains: reading and writing data […]

sjmisc – package for working with (labelled) data #rstats

The sjmisc-package My last posting was about reading and writing data between R and other statistical packages like SPSS, Stata or SAS. After that, I decided to bundle all functions that are not directly related to plotting or printing tables, into a new package called sjmisc. Basically, this package covers three domains of functionality: reading […]